The Wonderful 101 is a game maded by Platinum Games.
The game objective is collect heroes and defeat robots.


During E3 2012 , Platinum games revealed Project P-100, but later eaveled that it would be named the wonderful 101. After giant robots from outer space appeared in town, the local super heros aranged a project to turn average joes into the planet's last hope!


In game , the player can transform citizens into heroes. The player needs defeat various enemies to go to next level. This enemies are :

  • Dydoguh , a giant robot without head.
  • Hoedown
  • Shudhoguu , a strange enemy who summons Dhoghu
  • Dhoghu , enemies summoned by Shudhoguu
  • Unnamed Enemy Ship

To defeat them , the player can do various moves :

  • Unit Glove
  • Wonder Rising
  • Unite Guts
  • Unite Gun
  • Unite Sword

The player also can use this abilites to reach other places and have a Unite ladder and Unite Glider ability to reach into other places. In the trailer is revealed a multiplayer mode with 5 players.



  • The Wonderful 101 was originally called Project P-100
  • The last 1 in Wonderful 101 is the player.
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