Pikmin 3
Wii U
Real-time strategy
Single-player, Multiplayer

Pikmin 3 is a real-time strategy game for the Wii U. It is the third installment in the Pikmin series. The game also introduces two new Pikmin types, being the Rock Pikmin and the Winged Pikmin. The game was released in North America on August 4th, and July 27th in Europe. The game was also originally in development on the Nintendo Wii.


In a July 2007 interview with IGN, Shigeru Miyamoto first hinted at the possibilities of a third Pikmin installment. A later interview in April 2008 reported "For now, Miyamoto looks ahead to other projects for the Wii, mentioning his desire to continue the Pikmin series."

The game was formally revealed at E3 2008 at Nintendo's developer roundtable. The details of the gameplay and development were scarce. In an interview with Nintendo's Official Latin American Magazine, Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that Pikmin 3 is going to be on the Wii. He also stated that the Wii's controls were "working well" with the game.

When the announcement of New Play Control! Pikmin and New Play Control! Pikmin 2 came, many were left to wonder if a third Pikmin game was in development. The speculation was dismissed by a IGN interview that stated that the New Play Control! brand Pikmin games were completely separate from Pikmin 3. The game was not shown at E3 2009 or 2010, but at E3 2010 Miyamoto confirmed the game was still development was still underway.

Though no footage was shown at E3 2011, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that the project was shifted from the Wii to the Wii U. He stated that he felt the HD graphics and its specialized tablet-like controller would be a much better fit for the game. The game was originally expected to be released sometime 2012 and was rumored to be a launch title.

Pikmin 3 characters concept art

The four captains announced at E3 2012.

Gameplay footage of Pikmin 3 was shown at E3 2012 which showcased the game's HD graphics and introduced the new Rock Pikmin. The Rock Pikmin may be used to break glass walls that block your path, destroy enemies faster, etc. The footage did not showcase Captain Olimar or Louie but instead showcased four different captains.


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