Darksiders II
Vigil Games
Darksiders series
Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Release Date(s)
June 2012
Hack and slash, action-adventure
Wii U Controller

Darksiders II is an action-adventure hack and slash game in development by Vigil Games and to be published by THQ. The game is the sequel to the first Darksiders. The game will be for the Wii U in addition to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows.


THQ has confirmed that the story will take place in the same time period as the first game, only this time players will take control of the Horseman Death, instead of his brother War. The game will reportedly take place across an entirely new ensemble of maps, confirmed to be double in cumulative size to that of its predecessor. The game will also feature the remaining two horsemen (Fury and Strife) in some capacity. The game will take Death across multiple dungeons and city hubs. City hubs feature NPCs who can give out side quests etc. In the July 2011 issue of Game Informer, the cover feature details that one city hub will connect to a number of dungeons and that one city area will feature more dungeons than the whole of Darksiders I. Loot will also be included, dropping from encounters as rewards ranging from 12 different armor piece categories, which can have different enchantments and may power up Death's Wrath Powers.

Darksiders II starts at nearly the same time as the start of the first Darksiders. After War is convicted and sent back to Earth by the Charred Council, they inform the other three Horseman of his fate. The Horseman Death, knowing that his brother War is the most honorable and incorruptible of the four, and would never have started the Apocalypse early, flies into a rage. Believing his brother is victim of a conspiracy, Death defies the Council's orders and sets out on a personal mission to find proof of his brother's innocence. Death travels to the Nether Realms, a place between Heaven and Hell, to call in favors from powerful beings that rule the realm.


THQ creative director Luis Gigliotti revealed in an interview with GameAxis that Darksiders will be a franchise and that THQ is contemplating a sequel. The sequel may include a multiplayer component, as the other three horsemen will join War in the sequel or someone entirely new.

Joystiq has stated that a Darksiders sequel was planned for the fiscal year of 2012.

An article on the Official Xbox Magazine website confirms that Darksiders II was expected to be released in 2012.

It was announced at E3 2011 that Darksiders II would be a launch title for the upcoming Wii U.

At the San Diego Comic Con, it was revealed that Michael Wincott of the film The Crow will be providing the voice of Death.

It was recently confirmed that Darksiders II would not have a multi-player because of technical problems and because they had not developed each horseman individually.